I Finally Know

November 4, 2007
By Kimberlee Lacy, Williamsport, TN

What is this feeling?
I've never felt it before.
It's nothing less,
And everything more,
Than what I've always wanted
To feel inside.
This is a feeling
I can no longer hide.
You give it to me
Whether it's light or it's dark,
You always leave a lasting mark.
The things you say,
They never go away
While I'm lying in my bed,
Thinking in my head
Trying to figure out
What this is all about.
And now you've finally said it,
I'm no longer confused,
And I know that you meant it
By the words that you used.
This feeling I've been feeling,
I now know what it was.
Now that you've finally said it,
I know this feeling,
It's called love.

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