The Piano Recital

November 4, 2007
By Jaimie Lowen, Farmington Hills, MI

The 82 keys cease being black and white
As the universe erupts into shades of grey
No more right or wrong
Every law, every action is uncertain
In limbo I watch
Perched from the edge
Of time
Watching myself live life
Flowing through the motions
Ceasing to experience
Every moment
Not knowing where to turn
Sitting on the hard bench
In my billowing silk dress
Knowing that only feet away
Sits my music teacher
Who will never understand
How the keys are no longer black and white
That life does not work in stark contrast
Knowing that only feet away
The audience is attentive
Not understanding
Why I stare at the keys in shock
Bewildered I re-examine
Mozart, Beethoven, Handel
C-sharp minor, B-flat major
Feeling blindly across the keyboard
Praying for the distinction of color
Of right and wrong
Only seeing shades of murky gray
On unforgiving keys
That have forever ceased to be black and white

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