November 4, 2007

I can’t help but to agree- it’s most definitely true!
Spoken thoughts composed of words turn into sweet meaningless nothings that are more meaningful to you.

The comprehender analyzing bits and pieces of your ideas
Demolishes your thought reaching into your soul and grasping your heart

Imagine- you’ve fallen to into an indescribable bond
The anticipation builds inside you.

Your emotions are at a peak and when you begin to speak
the words roll off of your tongue
Here it comes


At that instant the realization that your anticipation, the volcanic eruption of emotion, and pride that echoed in you mind

Becomes dead

It’s now nothing more than eight letters
Three words

Does the listening ear analyze the meaning?
Seeing it as a heart felt beginning

Seven representing a relationship of completion
Does it just simply mean to care?

When conversating about a topic that sparks your memory
You begin to mention the day the wind said your name gently

Your surrounding looks at you as though they want you to die
Your statement was ignorant, rude, and composed of stupidity in their eyes
The mere interpretation of a person’s statements
Is the death of a thought burning with high expectations

I myself should know!
You all are now as -I once did- thinking with a tremendous amount of hesitation

An idea compressed into a word is like the death of a tree whose beauty that once laid in it leaves

Became a withered piece of back with no hope of a last breath or
A drop of water
to once again breath- eat- and become green

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