November 4, 2007
Don’t let it be a surprise that many are unwise. We’re stuck in a decline so when will we rise? Think of a wolf that howls at the moon all of their air released in one tune. You haven’t heard my howl yet, it’s just the beginning, but it’s worse than a wolf’s and you’ll definitely be left trembling.
As you waste your peas you fail to think how many children would love the chance to eat. -To bite, to nibble, to feed, to join their family in a feast.
As you throw your paper out of the window and dispose of your toxics into a lake did you think of how your pollution is affecting us today? -2007 many are found dead, no air to breath, no place to live, NO HOPE! Could Mars be the next answer for man?
What about that little girl you left to the hounds did you think of her emotional distresses or her becoming homebound?-Life like a rollercoaster constantly up and down, there’s no escaping my chaos- no way of getting out.
Tick-Tock Tick Tock, what’s that you hear apparently a clock. Time is quickly passing you by and there is no STOP! - Paper work, stress, pleasing others….Your family, friends, romances, and the rest. Try your hardest not to panic and to be the best.
You’re no longer a child who has not a worry in the world, you’ve now turned 18 and your worlds began to swirl. –College, jobs, family and more, not exploding under pressure maintain your composure. You have a 30 page paper due in two weeks, be at work by 10, stand up straight don’t slouch, change into this, walk like that, call him, oh and don’t forget to paint on your smile.
Screaming at the top of my lungs- It doesn’t surprise me that very few hear me.
Some are hysterical- over angered with rage, others are internal- chipping away at a bottomless pit.

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