Two Opposites.

October 3, 2010
By christinarees SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
christinarees SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Playing it safe is the most popular way to fail.
- Elliott Smith

Everyone has heard the saying two opposites attract
But I had never known this for a fact
I had always tried to understand, but that was long overdue
Now I understand all because of you

At first, friends were all we were.
You would say to your aunts I’m staying up to talk to her
As days passed my feelings continued to grow
And I even had the courage in the hallways to say, “Hello.”

Weeks passed and the feelings were still there
So I one night I took a chance, and we became a pair.
That night changed my life for the better
I also chose to start this letter.

So Rickey this is a letter to you,
For when you are down and feeling blue
To remember the good times of us as one
And the times we laughed and had fun

The movies, my brother’s open house, the car…
My softball games, my house, we didn’t have to go far.
We always managed to have a good time
Sometimes without spending a dime

We went on a few moon lit walks
Had some of the best talks
Laughed about my coaches rules on boys
I never heard another noise

After six weeks we were still good
We were together like a nail in wood
We became one person for awhile
Spending a lot of time together, it made me smile.

Our next challenge was upon us
We had made it through small fights with success
But now it was two weeks without each other
That was a long time without one another

We said our goodbyes, who knew they’d be our last?
I was so confused, it was all so fast.
I cried for a few weeks and now
I’m writing this and it is like, “Wow.”

Somehow I’m still in love with you Rickey
I’m not being picky.
You are still the one I want but I want you to be happy
So I won’t make this to sappy

I hope you are happy with where you are
And when you need to talk I’m not too far
So when you’re down and feeling blue
I’m always here for you

This poem is my letter to you
Because there was magic between us two
Friends or just acquaintances, I’m fine with both
Just don’t forget your Godly growth

So two opposite people made quite a statement
While we may not have been perfect I think people should know how it went
Because of you I have grown in every way
My heart, my stability and mainly my faith so I pray

I pray we stay friends, and that you know you can come to me
I pray that God forgives me and that I can guarantee
That one day you will see me and it won’t kill
And I hope you can keep this until

Until we are better
Keep this letter
Keep it to prove the world wrong
Show that two opposites can be strong.

The author's comments:
I wrote this to my ex-boyfriend when we were together and then finished it afterward... I still believe he was one of the most life changing people I've met.

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