No Big Deal

November 4, 2007
Why can't I tell them the way that I feel?
I think it's cuz they'll think it's just no big deal,
But to me it means everything, and it's holding me back.
My friends know I'm bothered by the way that I act.
They offer to help me, but I say I don't want it,
That's really a lie, and they just don't know it.
I always feel alone, even though they're all around.
My feelings are so deep, I feel like I could drown.
When I smile it's a cover-up, it's all just an act,
No one ever sees the tears I hold back.
They shouldn't have to listen to all of my problems,
So I just stay quiet and try not to bother 'em.
I try to tell people what I'm thinking about,
But when I open my mouth, nothing comes out.
I wish I could tell them the way I really feel,
But I can't cuz they'll just roll their eyes like it's no big deal.

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