I Am Me.

October 3, 2010
By christinarees SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
christinarees SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Playing it safe is the most popular way to fail.
- Elliott Smith

I am the friend who is always by your side, no matter the circumstance.
I am the girl who laughs at all the wrong moments.
I am the one who likes to break out in song and dance.
I am me and I just doesn't make sense.

I am my church, sitting proudly in the city.
I am my congregation, worshiping God as one.
I am the cross where Jesus died, for me.
I am me and I see God as the sun.

I am the softball field, smell of the dirt is present.
I am my team, we are one in the same.
I am the glove, protecting her loved ones without a dent.
I am me and I love the game.

I am my iPod, playing the songs that relate so well.
I am the different playlists, each with different emotions.
I am the lyrics, that puts me in a spell.
I am me and I am going through the motions.

I am the friend and the church.
I am the field and the iPod.
I am honestly just a girl on a search.
I am me, and I'm breaking the facade.

The author's comments:
My description of my life.. of me.

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