Ode to Marx

November 4, 2007
By Jenifer Bizzotto, Leonard, MI

A sea forms and foams around a silent figure
Beckoning, gloating, whispering
You can’t have me
Pick only one, my dear
Follow the leader
Paint by number
Color inside the little black lines
Selflessness is the key to treasured martyrdom
And of course you wish to be there
Live to serve, serve to live
In rapt, attentive silence
And ev’ryone will love you
Nominate you every time
Hail all! the citizen of the year
To coach your children
Like every good parent of your time
That’s all you should ever want
What? Selfish creature, you’re unhappy?
As long as you are on the stage
For that is where the spotlight lingers
Help others, it will help yourself
By helping all mankind
And through your abject admiration
You will find the only bliss there is
The joy in your dear brothers, and
Now it’s off to bed with you, comrade
Pull the covers over your eyes
So you won’t see the dim reflection
In the tarnished mirror

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