An End to My Innocence

November 4, 2007
Can he see the hell he put me through?
Or are the drugs the one to blame?
The night I fell into his eyes,
an end to my innocence.
The nicotine kisses given so well,
just enough to make me melt.
The wine to warm my freezing bones.
The blood that rushes to my brain.
The walls were spinning, the night tolled out from the clock.
3 AM, skin began to break.
Sore within, and tears flowing through eyes clenched shut.
His pleasure, my pain.
His trohy, my shame.
Only 15, with so much lost already.
How could I give so willingly away.
The last thing I had left.
The scarlett stains, my hearts hidden shame.
How to let go, he's long since moved on.
Naive teenage me,
how could I've been so wrong.

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