November 4, 2007
By Zachary creekmore, Ludlow, KY

Our scars are a record
of our past
anger,fear, love, joy all fade away
but our scars always remain

In one's heart and soul
there are invisible scars
these are hidden but hurt the most
they never seem to heal and we are forced to endure

While the scars of the body heal
in time some stop to hurt and we remember
with a smile the days gone by
but the scars of the heart always will remain

Lasting as testament
they cause pain but not pain of the body
they hurt the heart and weaken the soul
dulling the mind and making us fools

The scars of the heart
fester with time
always reminding us
of days gone by

They will always be there so we remember
of the lessons of the past
I will remember mine
until I breathe my last

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