In the Valley of Hopes and Dreams

November 4, 2007
By TC Lind, Mahwah, NJ

Somewhere in the Valley
Of Hopes and Dreams
A man stood and wept

To his left were trees
And to his right, there were more
Standing in a haunted mystery

They did not sway or crack
Laugh or dance
But stood still
Waiting for the wind to come

The tears from the man froze
Time forgetting to pass on by

A bird sang to him
Preaching its love
The man did not know
If he could handle it

A steed trotted in a strong rhythm
Waiting for its owner
The man turned his back

A flower blossomed in the grass below
Opening its beauty to him
The man crushed it with a heavy foot

A duck walked with her ducklings
One by one they followed
The man simply traveled the other way

He traveled and traveled
Wanting to escape
Then he ran
Panting in fear

Darkness appeared in a heavy blanket
Shielding the rays of the sun
Fog fell from the sky
Choking his lungs

Should he go further?
The man contemplated
Go further he would die
Go back he would live

A step further no more
The man traveled back
The sun appeared again
Shinning in glory

The wind flowed through his hair
He enjoyed the feeling
The happiness
As a tree slowly began to sway

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