November 4, 2007
By Gregory Keithly, Charlotte, NC

There is a continent called Australia that is also a country.
It is also an island because it is surrounded by the sea.

Australia is a place where many animals thrive,
Like lizards, snakes and crocodiles and bees in their hives.

There is the Great Barrier Reef that is home to many fish.
It is a bigger reef than you could ever wish.

There is also Ayer’s Rock, It is a giant stone.
It is even bigger than any dino bone.

There’s also Sydney’s Opera House that looks as weird as can be.
It kind of looks like sailboat sails on the deep blue sea.

It’s home to Steve Irwin who catches crocs, you see.
He definitely is my favorite celebrity.

So, I have described Australia as best I could.
If you want to go there, I definitely think you should.

And, when you get back, you should describe it to me then.
Because Australia is a place that I have never been.

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