The 'Kisses' Series

October 1, 2010
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1. Sealed with a kiss. 2007
How to start this I don’t know
For I have things to do
I need to make sure that you see
Just how much I need you

I need to prove how much I care
And that you’re all I want
I have to make sure you aren’t scared
When the other guys taunt

So I pick up my oldest pen
And start to write this note
The one to prove these things to you
And this is what I wrote

“I love you more than anything
You better know it’s true
The only thing I’ll ever want
Or need is only you.”

I signed it with ‘Sincerely Me’
And folded it in fourths
I stuck it in an envelope
Addressed to you of course

I lay my pen down on my bed
My eyes shining with bliss
I shut the envelope up tight
And sealed it with a kiss

2. Lined with tears 2009
I read this letter that you wrote
And tears fall from my eyes
Because, though I feel for you too
I won’t be yours tonight

For there are things I can’t ignore
That won’t let me have peace
I will not drag you through my hell
I’ll make it quick, at least

So I pick up this crimson pen
And reply to your note
I close my eyes to gather strength
And this is what I wrote

“You mean a lot to me, assured,
But I am not your One
I’ll live my life to die alone
For that’s how I was born

So promise me that you’ll forget
Please, love, try to move on
For sooner than you think, too late
You’ll see, I’m too far gone”

I lay the letter on my desk
And take my breath in slow
Because I love you but right now
I cannot let it show

So maybe Fate will bring me back
And you will see in time
That, if I had my way right now,
I’d make you always mine

But I can’t put you through this pain
So I will walk away
I won’t look back but always know
I loved you all the way.

3. Blew my kiss away 2010
I waited for this day to come
Since I sent you my heart
I’ve checked the mailbox every day
For what you might impart

But when the mailman brought your note
I thought he’d bring good news
I never once thought that he’d come
And when he left, take you

For what’s enclosed inside your note
I can’t believe is true
I never thought you’d leave me here
Where, now, chaos ensues

My world is dark without your smile
Is grey without your eyes
But there’s a candle burning small
Behind your dark disguise

I can’t decide which more is real
What’s seen or what you say
And now, you’ve taken everything
I suffer every day

I cry behind each painful smile
And break behind closed doors
With every look I take upon
I feel them steal what’s yours

For I’ve given myself to you
Be it received or not
And I’m not sure I’ll take me back
Or leave myself forgot

I’m sure that one day I will change
And then might not be lonely
For I’m only worthy of first
Not last, or ever only

For I gave you all that I had
And to my poor dismay
It never was enough for you
You blew my kiss away

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