The Lonely Lizard

November 4, 2007
The lizard crawls along the road, he is always alone
Never having had a friend, he’s looking for a home
He never had the heart or guts to make a single friend
So he walks the lonely road, fighting against the wind

Quietly he crawls the road, looking for some help
But it seems wherever he turns up, he looks like a big dope
All the ones that could be his friends, always have to tease
They love it and they never stop, even when he says please

Sadly he crawls along, he’s looking for some love
He wants to be happy, he really does, he’s searching for the dove
But wherever he ends up the dove has flown away
And spiders, snakes, and scorpions have all come to stay

So lonely, along he roams, for he failed his mission
He hadn’t found a single friend, he lost his intuition
He didn’t find any love, so he crawled away sadly
Then he went into the sunset, with the sad name of Gregory

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