November 4, 2007
By Jessica Van Den Heuvel, Plano, TX

A heart can break
A heart must beat
A heart is fragile
Somewhere, someone's
heart is hurting

A heart of gold
A heart that is bold
A heart around their name;
The one you can't stop thinking of;
Sunrise and sunset

A heart locket necklace
that is of special significance
A heart drawn on the tree
With the initials inside of you and me

Home where is where the heart is; that meaningful old phrase
A heart can hold the ones you love closer the stars seem

The day you say "my heart is taken"
Or the day when you feel dismay;
Your voice trembling over the words
"My heart is breaking"
A heart is strong
A heartbreak will heal
Your heart will continue to beat
for as long as you shall breathe

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