Meteor Garden

November 4, 2007
By Teresa Tai, Richmond, ZZ

Meteor Garden is the place of peace,
of love and of friendship,
It’s the place of grief.
In the dead silence garden,
sit a pair of a parting couple,
waiting for the moment to leave,
the moment to end.
After the tragedies in their love life,
they’ve found the best way to end,
it’s to stop their precious love,
and let it fade into the night.
Letting the night play with their passion,
letting the night starve down their trust,
letting the night place an end to their love.
Looking over these pathetic lovers
is the mighty goddess of Venus,
streaming down tears for them,
mourning for them.
As the tears turn into
meteors of lament;
meteors of regret;
meteors that illuminate the darkness in their hearts.
The couple departed with shattered hearts,
Independently separating to the outside world,
leaving their love and heart behind,
in the Meteor Garden

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