I remember

October 7, 2007
By Katie Kypros, Yuma, AZ

I remember, the mornings sun rises and the evenin's sun sets.
I remember, the green grass turning to bown when winter came.
I remember, hearing an oceans wisper from a small shell.
I remember, sleeping in on Saturdays, and not having anyone to wake you up.
I remember, hanging out with my friends, for they liked me for who I was, and now that I am.
I remember, wathcing thw stars fall on a late night.
I remember, seeing my dad cry, cause i was growing up too fast.
I remember, the changes I had done, and to know i was too young.
I remember, my family splitting up, and my dad moving away.
I remember, every sad day, from there on.
I remember, I remember,
I remember

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