You Left Me

September 30, 2010
By ArtSilver BRONZE, Austin, Texas
ArtSilver BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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"I admire your constant judgment of people."


You, are not here.

I sit outside, sit in the rain,

Sit on the swing, ignoring the pain.

This feeling is hurt, nothing like bliss,

Sitting here alone, I began to miss …

You, left without a good-bye.

You left me to sit here thinking I'd be okay,

But this sorrow I feel is not going away.

It's a beautiful day, a deep crystal blue,

Yet I can't help but stop and think about …

You, made me swallow my fear.

I used to love the rain, when you sat here with me,

Now I can only stand it, if only you'd see …

What I liked I hate, plain simple and true,

If only I'd known what loving you could do …

You, broke me to pieces.

So maybe I'm not as happy as I pretend to be,

But I know that if you could be

You would be here with me.

The author's comments:
R.I.P. Best Friend.

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