Never A Forever

September 28, 2010
By nicee_728 BRONZE, Paducah, Kentucky
nicee_728 BRONZE, Paducah, Kentucky
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sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching, love like you'll never get hurt, and live like it heaven on earth

I never thought forever
would end so soon
I didn't think that you'd
hurt me the way you do
I should have guessed
when you pulled away
that this happiness I felt
wouldn't be here to stay.
Could I have been
so incredibly naive
that all this time
I never thought you would leave?
When it once was so easy
to say your mine,
Could it really be that simple
to change in such short time?
Maybe it was me thinking
we'd be here together
when all this time I didn't notice
you never promised me a forever

The author's comments:
when i have a strong emotion i write

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