Aimee: An Inventory of Being

October 4, 2010
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I am Aimee
Spelled the French way
Just to be different
It was my dad’s idea
I like it
My mom calls me
Pumpkin Pie

I am seventeen years old
But I’ll be eighteen in October
Then I can buy a lottery ticket

Last time I found a measuring tape I was
A nice even 5 feet 5 inches
I have killer blue eyes
I always get compliments
for them
And I wear blue often to make them pop

My hair is an odd color
No one can call it blonde
But you certainly couldn’t call it brunette
I guess its dirty blonde
It has natural highlights from reading in the sun

I like bows in my hair and
I like to wear it down
So I can throw it around
Like a pop star
But most of the time I want it out of my face so I can focus
I get distracted easily

I am a child
Stuck in this body
Who refuses to grow up
But I’m more mature than most people ever will be

I am younger then Dee-Dee
Older then I act
I love the smell of fresh laundry, potatoes and pasta

I hate it when someone likes the same things as me
I love being weird and different

I can’t spell and I hate grammar
But I’m pretty decent at math
And I can read anything if there are dragons and
magic in it

I love dragons

I love a boy in spandex and an awesome catch phrase

I like boys with blonde hair
Small smiles and blue eyes
I like shy boys but never know what to say to them
And wit
I like witty boys
But right now I’m still too scared to talk to boys

I believe 60% of my blood is mountain dew
Since I consume
so much of it
But I hate it when I drink too much and need to do laps around the house just to get rid of the energy
Especially when I’m home alone

I hate ears and pre-wrap
I don’t like heights either
I love stuffed animals
and hugs

I like things that are aimed at little girls
Things aimed at teenage boys

I love to eat skyline at
my booth
I love steak
But three of my friends
are vegetarians

I like to be involved
and active
I like to be in charge
But at the same time it terrifies me
I secretly like stress
And dislike summer
and free-time

I like to watch the sunset
I can see it from my kitchen table at dinner
I don’t like pants
I like to be naked and take long showers because of that
I like when people play with my hair and to crack my back

I love to go to book stores and just read the back of books then going to pick out a movie
I like the whole story telling process whether through

I love movie trailers and movies
Except movies that I can predict the ending
I like it best when all the characters die at the end
But I do love children’s movie
That re-teach you life lessons

I like the way a pen slides on
But love the noise a pencil makes as it scratches the page

I am a student, a child, a worker, a bouncing bee
A free-spirit

I am honest
Even if I will get punched in the face for it
Yes that dress makes you look fat
I hate bulls***

A.A. Milne and
Emerson are two people I would give anything in the world to meet
And I hope in a couple of years some kid will write that line about me

I love the way
It feels when I wake up
On a cold morning
Only to dive back in the sheets
And feel as if the whole world is sleeping with me
Even though I know its dinner time in China

I love the way the wind
Feels as I’m driving
Down the
With my hand
Out the window

I would love to learn a new language
But it seems really hard
I would like to go to England because that’s where Sherlock Holmes and
Harry Potter lived

I like funny comic strips and stand-up comedians
And day-dream about being one

My dad likes ‘em too

Sometimes I think faster than I talk so I have a hard time talking to people
My voice projects and I get in trouble a lot for that

I love attention and I’m not ashamed of that
Why should I be
I like me
My planer is neat and color coded but my backpack is far from it
I can’t stand to miss out on anything
But love to sit around doing nothing
I hate boys who think they’re stronger than girls but
Love when the boy takes care of the girl
And I hate when people tell me to try to fit in
But secretly I want to

I am a contradiction

My name is Aimee
And this is 2010

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Apr. 2, 2012 at 5:13 am
Awesome poem! Can I just suggest one teeny tiny edit...I want to go to London because that's where Sherlock Holmes liveS. Sorry, it's just that I'm a Sherlock Holmes OBSESSIVE...and I want to go to London too!
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