When Rose Petals Fall

October 4, 2010
By smilemonkey BRONZE, Bridgewater, New Jersey
smilemonkey BRONZE, Bridgewater, New Jersey
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When rose petals fall
Summer breezes away
What once was color
Has now faded to gray

When rose petals fall
Windows start to cry
And birds stop their chirping
Down south they will fly

When rose petals fall
Days are eaten by night
Gaze up at the stars
In this sky so bright

When rose petals fall
Leaves crunch under your feet
As you run to catch the bus
Having friends to meet

When rose petals fall
The chipmunks take a nap
As you sit by the fire
All warm in your wrap

When rose petals fall
The sky sends its gift
Of tiny, cold treasures
In the wind they will drift

When rose petals fall
And the snow boots come out
Think of all the shoveling
Makes you want to pout

Strolling by- a windy, bitter season
Rose petals fall for this very reason

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