A Cheertastrophy

September 30, 2010
By Anonymous

It was competition day for the SP Eagles cheer team/
And the stadium's overhead lights were starting to gleam./
When we walked into the arena everyone starts to stare/
And all the other cheerleading squads screamed, "Whoa, this isn't fair!"//

The day before competition was our only practice session/
We had very little time and could not start a discussion/
Florida was a great place, but we were in it to win it/
A teammate of mine exclaimed, "We cannot give up, not one bit!"//

Some of the girls were so nervous they needed to get some air/
While the opther girls stayed inside and had to fix up their hair/
As we watched the other teams perform without an inch of fear,/
I noticed that some of the cheerleaders started to shed tears//

Although we all were so nervous we did recognize the Dukes/
They did steal our routine so everyone knew they were flukes/
Though, this team may not seem like a bunch of snooty little girls/
They are not innocent and they really make me want to hurl//

Everyone knew the awards were coming sooner than we thought/
We all needed to calm down, that's what we were mostly taught/
The SP cheereladers got very nervous and jittery./
While they were shaking and nervous they looked very pretty.//

The awards ceremony's next andthey're going to say who won./
We hope it is us because we deserve to be number one/
Coach says, "If we don't win i do not want to see any tears."/
But none of my teammates listen 'cause we are so full of fear//

"The winner of Nationals is... Hillsborough Dukes!" screams a man./
"That is soooo not fair!" exclaims a fan in the stands from SP./
I said to my teammate, "I really hate those Hillsborough Dukes!"/
She exclaimed, "I know right! They really make me want to puke!"//

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