The Mysterious Bedroom Fracas

September 30, 2010
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Creek! Creek! I jumped up on my bed in a scare./
I looked around for an intruder, but no one was there./
"Who is in here? I asked anxiously./
I couldn't see a thing actually.//

Creek! Creek! I jumped off the bed and turned on the lights./
All this noise was giving me a huge fright./
In every place I look,/
I find clothes and books.//

Creek! Creek! I looked around once more,/
And I heard something behind the closet door./
I tip toed there gingerly,/
This is so eerie!//

Creek! Creek! I opened the door slowly./
I looked and found only a dress, purple and flowy./
"What am I going to do?"/
I had no other clues.//

For a moment, the noises stopped./ I sighed and tripped on a strewn book sock./
I picked it up and walked to the garbage can./
And discarded it and turned on the room fan.//

Creek! Creek! I grunted in defeat./
I was beat by this terrible feat./
How would I sleep?/
With all this creek, creek.//

Creek! Creek! It went once more./
I paused and listened to it s'more./
My eyes traced the sound./
It came from the window around.//

Creek! Creek! It went no more!/
For it was the branch outside my bedroom window beside my closet door.//

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