the incredible game

September 30, 2010
By stavan purohit BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
stavan purohit BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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It was a hot day and the tigers were versing bishop ahr/
and the mighty tigers future was as bright as a star./
Friday morning and the tigers were looking for an amazing start./
As all the strenght in this world filled within their heart.//

As the 2:20 bell was approaching my heart started pumping faster ./
soon as the bell rang the tigers ran down to the head master./
then everyone was marching down the field ./
Now Roemello and Malik had to keep their eyes peeled.//

Unfortunatly the kicker had sprained his right knee./
And the subsitute hadhad gotten stung by a bee./
Now i had to kick the ball and i knew it wasnt going to be great./
Even though i knew i had really good fate.//

When i kicked the ball it flew into the blue sky./
Then number 23 got it and it felt like we were vs Richmond high./
The first two plays we scored a touchdown and took the lead./
It felt so great, and easy as planting a seed.//

The second quarter was about to begin in excitment./
And now the tigers were filled with defilement./
There we go, there it was malik cisson scored a touch./
Now halftime came and coach said it wasnt much.//

We said to ourselves we try so hard so why let it fall apart./
Here we go, the trojanz score, felt like getting shot with a dart./
We cant let it go! We cant yelled coach but still/
Rob let him catch the ball and run to a touch without a will.//

Here we go the trojans extra point field goal was coming./
"Watch number 23! there he is there he's running!/
Then there was a quit moment, then we saw a man of steel./
Oh no! 23 scored, the tigers have lost and broke their shield.//

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