The Varsity Race

September 30, 2010
By alihuber BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
alihuber BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I was sitting in the South
Plainfield section at the
county meet/
I was extremely nervous just
sitting there it that seat/
Seeing every fast varsity runner
setting their pace/
I was thankful I wouldn't be
running that race//

Suddenly Coach Fisher races up to
me shouting/
He needed me for the varsity race
and I stated pouting/
I haven't even warmed up or
streched my body/
My skin started to crawl and I
felt disembodied//

There was no way i would be ready
in time for the start/
I didn't put on my shoes but i
should do my part/
My coach thought I was the best
freshman on the team/
He gave me confidence and i could
win it seemed//

As I laced up my sneakers and set
my pace/
It was then that i felt ready for
this race/
I started to get pumped my
adrenaline racing/
I stepped up to the starting line
and began my nervous pacing//

The offical explained the rules as
the runners got set/
He pulled the obnoxious gun and I
started to fret/
I built up my confidence as I
moved towards the front/
My legs started to tighten
my breathing turned to a grunt//

I felt myself starting to gradually
slow down/
People were starting to pass me my
face set to a frown/
I saw my last chance to win as I
passed this last curve/
There were these two runners close
by and i lost my nerve//

I started to sprint right down
that field to the finish/
The first person was done and my
chance at winning was
But i could still get second if i
beat this one runner/
We were side-by-side so losing
would be a bummer//

We both started to sprint as the
finish came near/
We were two feet away and the
outcome became clear/
I tried my absolute best and I
thought i had the faster pace/
Although running throught the
finish line i realized I lost
that close race//

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