Michael's 1st Snow Day

September 30, 2010
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An innocent named Michale was only at age seven./
He always dreamed of seeing white snow falling from heaven./
Excitement tore from his heart as the school bus pulled into school./
As he buckled on his seat belt he felt far from a fool.//

Michale and his momma, Karen, were residents in a small place./
Where it didn't snow often which wasn't an odd case./
The town was very heated, unpopular, and barren./
Which is why when they heard the news it was somthing new to karen.//

The broadcaster had predicted this, a snow storm in the sky./
There would be a blizzard, that would break a record high./
Snowflakes would fall hour by hour leaving inches behind./
According to this forecast the weather would be unkind.//

Momma raced to the hardware store to purchase melting salts./
She told her son that the salt would put the ice to a halt./
Mixhale jumped in the air with glee that his big dream was near to true./
His mom pulled out two coats and he responded "I like the blue".//

When the two got home the house was frigid and oddly cold./
They cranked up the heat but then heard the furnance that was old./
Crick, and crack, snort and puff, it spewed wout delicious warm air./
Mamma chuckled as Michale said it roared like a huge bear.//

That night little Michale could not fall asleep so easy./
The thought of playing in snow made him a bit queasy./
It was his life long dream to build a snowman big and tall./
He would first watch the snow, so white, as it started to fall.//

Now, t'was morning when Michale still snoozing about./
While it weas true that school was not cancled without a doubt./
He opened his tired eyes to see frost covering a tree./
Very dissapointed he fell to kneel on one knee.//

Poor young Michale had gone through such a big let down in life./
He got on his bus to school to feel a fake paining knife./
At least he still kept his dream alive with imaginaition./
No one ever took away this small boys occupation.//


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