War of the Brothers

September 30, 2010
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It was defiantly a rainy and stormy day/
But for Jeff and Michael, they just wanted to play/
They were lying down in their house next to Maple Street/
When they wanted to be outside playing on there feet//

"I'm better at Call of Duty then you are" shouted Jeff/
I'm willing to verse you in a match if we have a Ref/
You can take the red controller and I will have the blue//

As Jeff leaped for the Xbox, he thought of a ryhme/
Michael you're a silly kid, because we know it's not your time/
The Xbox had loaded up, and the boys had clapped/
For the loser of the Game will now earn themselves a slap//

As soon as they started the game, Jeff had took the lead/
The game wasnt going fast, but Jeff was using speed/
Jeff has now got twenty-seven points, Michael has got thirteen/
The score was to fifty and they were halfway between//

"This is not fair! I want to win" yelled Michael; very loud/
I knew that when I was beating you, you wouldnt be proud/
Jeff had kept talking to Michael, and as this was so/
Michael had began catching up to Jeff, it was a show//

The game is getting more intense as it all tied up/
Michael had hollered at Jeff"Dude please, please shut the heck up/
The gritting of teeth and the squeaking of the controllers was loud/
The winner of this game is going to be realy proud//

Michael had took the lead and only needed four more kills/
Now Jeff had to cheat to take the lead, not using his skills/
"Hey you big buffoon! How are you invincible?" Said Michael/
"Im not," he said" Im just on a Super Cycle"//

As the roaring loud sounds of thunder struck outdoors, it was bad/
The bolts of lighting were getting bigger and much more mad/
The game was tied and all of the sudden Jeff was about..../
Boom!Boom! Electricity struck there house, the power went out//

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