Save the Date?

September 30, 2010
By Anonymous

There was once a couple named Lila and Phil/
They were together for a while but oh so happy still/
Their plans were to marry; so they were engaged/
Although they were still very young, together they aged//

They met in Westfield, each at age 24/
As she got out of her car, Lila hit Phil with her door/
They looked into each others eyes and together they fell/
Under that certain something some would call a love spell//

So together they went home and got to know each other/
Not knowing they would soon love one another/
For Lila, she fell in love with Phil's glass blue eyes/
He loved her so much because she would never tell lies//

But there was a secret that Phil had that nobody knew/
Phil had a secret crush on Lila's sister True/
Although they were very much inseparable;/
He knew that Lila would find it very unacceptable//

Today was finally the day they planned for years/
Thinking about it put Lila to tears/
She was more excited then she'd ever been before/
But soon she would know that Phil was only there to walk out the door/
They arrived at the church and Lila was ecstatic/
She wor a beautiful dress which was stored in her attic/
Phil stood next to his best man, Kyle/
And watched Lila walk down the isle//

Lila looked into his eyes and knew there was something wrong/
But Lila just smiled and enjoyed the moment she always longed/
She walked up to him and stood on the floor/
And Phil ran... Out the door/

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