The Date?

September 30, 2010
There was one week left and Gia had no date/
Maybe the guy was just running a little late/
Jen had told her she had to tell her a suprise/
Joe, the cutest boy at school thought she has pretty eyes//

Gia's eyes lit up with excitment and then she saw him/
Joe was walking over to them with his friend Jim/
Jim was the only guy in school with fiery red hair and freckles/
they were both chewing huge pretzels//

Gia knew why he was there. Well, at least she thought she knew/
She hoped what Jen had told her earlier was true/
The girls lookoed at each other in shock/
Gia looked at the clock waiting for him to ask her to the dance, tik tok//

Jen already had a date the was cool/
She would tease Gia for fun not to be crool/
The boys talked to themselves quietly/
Gia and Jen needed to find Gia a date quickly//

So Joe asked politely " Are you ladies going to the dance?"/
Gia got so nervous she almost wet her pants/
Jen answered since Gia couldnt talk past her nerous giggling/
Usually if the students are extremly desperate they'll ask their friend's sibling//

Little did the girls know Joe did have a question bit for Jen/
Gia tried to keep busy and started looking for a pen/
Jim looked at Joe in an enforcing way/
Then the question flew out this mouth," so anyway..."//

He sneezed and finished,"Jen do you want to go to the dance with me?"/
Gia was heartbroken and Jen looked toward her date Jeremy/
"Sorry" she replied< " I already have a date."/
The conversation was complete; Gia and JOe would both go alone due to fate//

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