When it Gets Better it Only Gets Worse

September 30, 2010
By laurenhill BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
laurenhill BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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“Remember said Timmy’s teacher you have to study today/
But Timmy knew he had a baseball game tonight to play/
For he knew he had to cancel his plans with his buddy/
Because tonight after baseball he had to study//

Timmy’s mom said “tonight we will not be home until late.”/
Studying will be on his mind when he’s up at the plate/
Timmy knew he had to get all his homework done tonight/
Or else him and his mother would have a huge fight//

The game had just started and it was already going bad/
Nobody could hit the ball and the coach was getting real mad/
The situation Timmy was in wasn’t very funny/
Because he knew there was no time at all to study//

The next player up to bat was the worst of all his name was Ben/
Thank god for Ben he struck out and the other team won by ten/
The team was disappointed but Timmy just wanted to go home/
Timmy was so very cheerful that he now had time to study and write his poem//

When Timmy got home he rushed upstairs and opened his book/
He needed quiet and alone time away in his little nook/
Timmy wondered what he should study first but there wasn’t a big selection/
For he knew he had to study for two math sections//

Timmy took out his notebook and a pencil and suddenly started to remember/
He hadn’t written down his homework he said he had a good memory it was only September/
He only remembered what was reviewed in class because the teacher went over some parts/
Timmy would regret it tomorrow when the teacher handed out the test and said you can start//

When Timmy got to class he studied the sections written on the board/
And when the teacher said put away your books Timmy just ignored/
When Timmy looked at the test he decided to bail/
The teacher went up to Timmy’s desk and said you have failed//

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