Macey's Presentation

September 30, 2010
By Gabbss BRONZE, So. Plainfield, New Jersey
Gabbss BRONZE, So. Plainfield, New Jersey
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It was perfect for the movies in the rainy day of Biebsville./
Macey sat in class wondering if she could go still./
She would know if she could go by the end of the day./
She was certain she could go; all she needed was a n 'A'//
After school her parents would give her her invitation./
All she needed was to ace yesterday's presentaion./
She knew she did well, for the teacher had told her./
Macey was happy and simply replied, "Thank you, sir."//
By volunteering first Macey thought she did quite well./
But as the other students followed she started to dwell./
The teacher seemed more happy listening to the others./
But they didn't have to prove something to thier fathers and thier mothers.//
Finally the bell rang, and Macey walked out of math class./
She wants to tell her friends, "I'm going!" instead of, "I'll pass."/
She walked quickly and anxiously to her awaiting ticket./
The movie was out! She coulnd't wait to see it!//
She stopped at her locker where she met up with friends./
The rest of the way to class they were discussing thier plans./
Macey listening to the plans and said, "Yay! I can't wait to see it!"/
They had to run the rest of the way or they would be late.//
All of her friends would be thier for the opening of New Moon./
Would she be allowed to go? She would find out soon./
She walked into the classroom nervous as ever./
When she sat in her seat she felt quite under the weather.//
That night she sat home alone starring out the window./
She wasn't out with her friends because she wasn't allowed to go./
She walked out of school not so very happy./
For the teacher had told her, "Great! You got a 'B' Macey!"//

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