A Trip to the Mall

September 30, 2010
By Taylor Donato BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Taylor Donato BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I went into the mall one day to shop for some new clothes/
And when I saw the window of my favorite store, i froze/
There, hanging on a rack I saw a very pretty shirt/
And so I thought that buying it sure wouldn't really hurt//
I walked into the front part of the very spacious store/
But I couldn't see the top, not any place, i swore!/
Instead of looking in the front, i searched on towards the back/
And with my luck I found it there, just hanging on a rack//
"Yes," I thought inside my head,"the price tag says my size!"/
It looked as nice as I first saw with my excited eyes/
To make sure that the shirt i took would fit me very well/
I moved on to the fitting room to see if it looked swell//
A mirror image showed to me a shirt so like no other/
That all the jackets that i owned would never want to cover/
A tiny, yellow logo was embroidered on the chest/
And if there was a fashion show, I'd look the very best//
All my friends would envy me, and ask me for a lend/
So I'll make up a lame excues and say,"It all depends."/
The tee shirt fit me perfectly, and I could not ignore/
That on a scale from one to ten it got the highest score//
While waiting on the line to pay for my wonderful piece/
My feelings of excitement kept on failing to just cease/
I tried keeping my nerve; I just could not let myslef fail/
But this attempt was not so good, It was to no avail//
I fled up to the countertop, the clerk staring at me/
And placed the shirt on top of it so the cashier could see/
I searched on for my cash which was tucked into my gray purse/
It turned out that I left it at my house, what could be worse?//

The author's comments:
I hope people remember to bring whatever they need with them when they need it most.

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