Not my Time in Line

September 30, 2010
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It was a really nice sunny day at
Six Flags./
We waited and heard about a thousand nags./
The line seemed close to five million miles long./
The wait couldn't be soothed at all with a song.//

I anticipated every minute in line for the best ride./
Thinking about how much fun it would be going side to side./
Feeling and hearing the roar of every ones cheers./
But, also hearing about some peoples fears.//

The roller coaster was really intimidating./
It was getting really hard to keep me waiting./
I shouted loudly "I can not wait anymore"./
It was starting to be getting a great bore.//

Wait! Could it be only fifteen minutes left./
"Oh yes" the time waiting was almost a theft./
As the line was shortening I was starting to glee./
Nothing possible in this world could stop me.//

Only about two more people in front of me now./
The one and only thing I could really do is bow./
I was finally in front of the enormous line./
But,I soon noticed it was all just a big waste of time.//

I was approaching closer and closer to the cart./
Hoping and hoping it would finally start./
I was settling into the comfortable seat./
All of a sudden I heard an ever so dreadful beat.//

Sorry for the inconvenience the coaster is now closed./
"Wow" I cried and the whole situation just froze./
Cursing and yelling how could this happen to me./
It seemed that great sunny day wasn't to be.//

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