Card Stack

September 30, 2010
By Anonymous

I'm all alone today; this place is quiet as a mouse./
I checked all around, in every room, theres no one in my house./
On this day alone, trying to find something to do;/
On the floor I found some of my brother's playing cards, there's a few.//
My mother took the rest of thee children to the park./
Such a change in volume, it's usualy like Noah's Ark./
No annoying little brothers, so with them I don't have to play./
I feel calm becasue they will be gone for the rest of the day./
I begin to stack the cards in rows by their colors./
Red and black, numbers of three, four, five, six, seven, and others./
They stack in rows that tend to get smaller and smaller./
In a pyramid form, the card stack gets taller and taller./
Suddenly, I hear the car door slam./
It was very loud and startling; it was a huge "Bam!"/
The noise was unexpected, and it scared me a little bit./
If my siblings dare bother me, I will throw a big fit.//
My brothers and sister run in the house banging and screaming./
If my card stack falls down, them I will be reaming./
The kids are bothering me so I tell them to go away./
They must not understand when I do not want to play.//
I don't listen to them and the cards continue to stack./
Thety get higher and higher. four after five, red after black./
I have a gut feeling this will end up going bad./
If my brothers or sister knock over my card stack I will be mad.//
I'm so close to reaching the top of the pyramid./
Then my brother bumps into the table and I scream, "look what you did!"/
And as cards fall off the table and on to the floor,/
I realize that my card stack that I worked for is no more.//

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