Last Day

September 30, 2010
By Zrizvi BRONZE, So. Plainfield, New Jersey
Zrizvi BRONZE, So. Plainfield, New Jersey
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I entered the boring white prison called school/
It was the most exciting day, but it was still not cool/
I walked in the right then left hall to my very first period class/
There were so many people like Sam and Amanda to pass//
After all that pushing and pulling I sat in my black seat/
I took out my heavily filled thick important notes to repeat/
There was a last day of school important final test/
I studied hard and planned to do my absolute best//
I prepared and studied very much for this test today/
I looked out the black and white window wishing I could play/
I received my test with a big white smile across my face/
I knew it would be as simple as tying my shoe lace//
I looked at the boring test whishing it would disappear/
Picking up my number two pencil as my serous face appeared/
Reading my test as my big shocked worried eyes widened/
Sweat trickled down my worried stern face as my hands tightened//
"How can this be," I said as I looked at the huge white empty page/
I was feeling like I was trapped in a large ugly cage/
the clock kept on moving faster, it kept on thicking away/
I lifted up my shaking head thinking it will all be okay//
the teacher looked at me extremely worried as she passed by/
i looked at her thinking if I should get over with or lie/
I studied so extremely very very very verymuch hard/
i even made so many little helpful flashcards//
I looked at my test agian and then I looked around/
My face felt very very very hot, red and sweaty like a clown/
The notes that I had studied were not so right/
I felt like a failure, I was not feeling so bright//

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