The Mistake

September 30, 2010
By Shughes BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Shughes BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Reginald made his worst mistake in syner high school hall/ "hey you pushed me" shout the senior that was over 6 feet tall/ Reginald was a freshman who didn't know what he had done/ did he just schedule a fight with a senior? this wasn't fun// Reginald said "sorry this is all a mistake"/ All this tension made Reginald belly ache/ "no" yell the senior" you've asked for this ane your're going to get it"/ I ask for what?" said Reginald "you're the one catching a fit"// "just meet me behind CVS at 3:00" said the senior/ "wait!" Reginald yells but the senior was so far away rthat made him look leaner/ it was 10th period and reginald was very scared he thought this is not as scary as being mauled by a bear// it was 3:00 and Reginald was forced at the meeting place/ all the kids rally up and said" ha ha" up in his face/ the senior looked taller and more muscular when Reginald last saw him/ "let's do this!" yelled the senior he must of knew he was committing sin// the senior ran up to Reginald like a ferocious beast/ the senior paused and said" hi my name is Andrew Veiss" the crowd was dissappointed but Reginald didn't care/ has this all just been a great big scare?

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