School is Cruel

September 30, 2010
By Anonymous

I stand at my locker hurrying back to my boring class/As I finally reached the door the knob shimmerred like brass/I was almost late to class, but I reached there on time/As I dropped my pen I heard a quiet little chime//I am in seventh period and wanting to go home/Three more periods and I will be out of this stone covered dome/I sit in my seat listening closely as I watch the clock/The bell rings and I am out of there unlike the speed of a rock//Eighth period felt like it took hours in the time of a few moments/I stared at the teacher as she shouted her nasty comments/The air was think and filled with much tension, as the stares do not stop/As I receive a detention I am told to take a big hop//As I head to the principal's office I want to go home even more/I also dream of going to a beach with a sandy sea shore/The door gets close and I feel very tired/For I knew who was in there was someone I had not admired//I turned the knob and it gave off a low screech filled with regret/I was now in the room and felt as if I was captured in a net/The principal's voice was a hard stern and filled with anger/He made me feel as if I was stuck hanging on a hanger//He talked about my horrid actions and how he disliked them/He made metaphors about me being a wilted stem/The principal was mad and wanted to give me suspension/He decided to only stick me with detention//I received a week of detention, which prolonged school/I would be wasting my time here like a big fool/I realized I could be home instead of wasting my time/In detention I sit here writing this boring rhyme

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