The Unlikely Loss

September 30, 2010
By Jong0415 BRONZE, Soutyh Plainfield, New Jersey
Jong0415 BRONZE, Soutyh Plainfield, New Jersey
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They were winning twelve to nothing with a qaurter to play/
In South Plainfield it was such a beautiful day./
The mighty Tigers versus the red and black Trojans/
No one could predict how the game would come to a closing.//

There was about five minutes left, the Trojans had the ball/
The Tigers thought it was over, the Trojans, no chance at all./
The Trojans called a timeout, one more trick up their sleeves/
The unsuspecting Tigers were busy looking at trees.//

The quarterback threw to a teammate a foot from the sideline/
The reciever caught the ball and threw it on a dime./
Another Trojan caught the ball and it was a touchdown/
The Tigers knew to keep their heads up and not drown.//

The Tigers got the ball back with five minutes left to fight/
They could not advance the ball, the offense was not in sight./
They kicked the ball back to the Trojans hoping for a stop/
The Trojans were hoping to end the game on a pop.//

They had the ball back for three plays could not advance/
The Tigers were now taking it easy, with a lazy stance./
The fourth play the quarterback threw it over their heads/
The receiver caught the ball, the home crowd was now dead.//

The Trojans were now ahead, the score was fifteen to twelve/
The Tigers knew they could comeback, if they could help themselves./
Now they had the ball, with about two minutes to go/
Everyone was waiting for the Tiger's dominance to show.//

The Tigers now had the ball near the Trojan end zone!/
They gave the ball to their best player, he would win alone./
He was only ten yards away from a Tiger victory/
He lost the ball, the Tiger downfall was a mystery.//

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