Mommy Where Are You?

September 30, 2010
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I woke up in my bright flourecent pink room/
Listening to the cars go by vroom vroom vroom vroom/
"Mommy,Mommy!" I called groggily after waking up/
You opened my door and gave me my blue cup//
"Today we will go to the zoo, Lilly. Mom promises."/
Even though our relationship is full of loses/
I still trust you with all of my heart that resides/
but it's hard to keep all of the feelings beside//
So you left our tiny little apartment building/
While i was happy and more than willimg/
I watched you leave and I swiftly waved/
And then with my crazy daddy I played//
We played Barbie and Elmo and School House Rock too/
but my favorite of all was my Blues Clues doll Blue/
I took my mid afternoon nap at aroud four/
And with Aunt Sharon I slept on the floor//
When I woke up and you were not there/
Daddy sat me down in our big comfy chair/
"Mommy had to work late" Daddy said sadly/
But for i wish i had known our relationship had gone so badly//
I cried and I cried for i had not known/
That my mommy had just abruptly gotten up and flown/
She still thought she was a silly child/
And now i am broken apart over a mile//

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