Man Hunt

September 30, 2010
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It was but a warm summer's night on quiet Cherry Street,/
The graduating teenagers all dancing to the beat,/
The day had grown dark, with only street lights to find your way,/
But the party won't stop; there will be fun without delay.//

When 10 had come around and it was almost time to go,/
Cat decided to play a game since the party was slow,/
She got her brother Georgy and gathered everyone up,/
Even Jane who was as wild as an eight week old pup.//

"We are going to play a fun game," she said to them all,/
Where the people picked for each team will most likely be tall,/
Someone fast and sneaky was an essential for the hunt,/
One who would never be picked is a player who is blunt.//

Ginger was a speed demon, a real athlete they all say,/
And when it came to running, she always wanted to play,/
Man hunt, Cat and little Georgy had chosen as the game,/
But Jane was awful and it was unmistakably lame.//

Jane wasn't quite good at man hunt or any sports indeed,/
Running around and being active always made her plead,/
And when it all had come down to being picked for a team,/
Jane was always picked last, though being picked first was her dream.//

The game began and team one hid before it was too late,/
To get back to base easily, they set Matt up as bait,/
Mickey ran for base, along with Dylan and Danny too,/
Then Jane stumbled towards base, practically tripping on her shoe.//

She dodged one opponent and then before she knew it, three,/
And in a few feet, it would be base that she would see,/
She was almost there until she felt a tap on her hair,/
When she turned around, she could see it was Cat with a sneer.//

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