My Biggest Fear

September 30, 2010
By ksalvatoree BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
ksalvatoree BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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It was a hot, sunny school day, in the afternoon.|
Every student was antsy, the bell to ring soon.|
All waiting and waiting for the end of day dismissal|
When finally what seemed like forever, came the whistle.||

Election Day is tomorrow and I was voted to run|
For student council president,I just thought it wouls be fun.|
But a speech I was told I was going to have to make|
To the entire class, faculty, and staff; what a mistake.||

For days and night I thought about the speech I would say.|
For hours I'd spend tring to think of how to make it okay.|
I would have to face what is probably my biggest fear|
And hopefully I could face it without any tears.||

This fear started back in third grade, I was only eight.|
I got the lead in the school play, I thought it would be great.|
I would study my lines and make sure to practice all day.|
I couldn't believe I was gonna star in my first play.||

Then came time to perform the play for the entire school|
I wasn't nervous, not one bit. I was feeling really cool.|
I got on stage and looked out at all the people there, |
And that is when public speaking became my biggest scare.||

you'd think by now I could make a speech and be okay|
Well if that's what you thought then think again cause there's no way.|
In the mean time I'd think about my speech non'stop|
And think about being president and being on top.||

So I go up in front of the class, the time if now here.|
There's n turning back, the time is now come to face my fear.|
I'm reading the speech so confidently it would seem|
And then I would wake up to find it's only just a dream.||

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