The Wait

September 30, 2010
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In class on Friday I was awaiting to get my test/
My teacher talked forever and was being such a pest/
I thought the test was simple and had gotten an 'A'/
It was period five and I had been waiting all day//

The clock on the wall seemed to be going way too slow/
The teacher was ranting on about Edgar Allen Poe/
I think in my head "How much longer until I get it back?"/
Then all of a sudden the teacher starts to write in black//

No one seemed to care how long it was going to take/
I imagined I would get my test back, but it was all fake/
I would never get my 'A' if she went at this pace/
I checked the wall clock a couple more times just in case//

I began to look around at the rest of my class mates/
It honestly felt like it was starting to get real late/
I knew I was wrong; It was still only period five/
If I do not get my test back I thought I'd die//

Only fifteen more minutes I will be in this class/
So i hoped and hoped that I would pass/
Again, only five more minutes until I will get out/
Waiting, I put my head down on my desk and began to pout//

As I lay there, I listened to the teacher blab/
I thought to myself, I really wish I could call a cab/
The class was almost over as I thought with joy/
I couldn't wait to get my test back, I thought "Oh boy!"//

This class felt like it was going on almost all day/
I just wanted to get outside to run around and play/
The dismissal bell finally rang and made me go deaf/
As I walked out the door I got my test; It was an 'F'//

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