Mythical Melanie

September 30, 2010
By dpisano BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
dpisano BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Finally. the summer, this wonderful season is here!/
With so many plans and friends, i need to pick a peer./
Being home like this in South Plainfield will not work out./
But i certainly can't sit home like this and wine and pout./

Too many friends to pick from is way too hard for me,/
They're all loyal and fun, but i have to choose Melanie./
She's been through so much and deserves a visit to the mall./
I'm sure she would want to go, but good heavens, i must call!//

Ring ring and because no answer,i need another way,/
Texting has always come in handy and why not use it to say./
I will text Melanie the most info i could give,/
What we will buy, what should we bring, and to take what car.//

Because I already know Mealanie always says yes./
I will pick out some awesome clothes to look my best./
Maybe Melanie doesn't have her phone, so I'll do my hair,/
Ponytail, straight, curly, why does it matter, who will care?//

No need to panic, the minutes has only been ten. /
But I know she will answer her phone either now or then./
I think its time to figure out how to get there./
My mom is mad at me, but i will ask her, do i dear?/
"Mom can i please got o the mall" I blabbered out./
"Only if you behave for the rest of the week, just about!"/
I'll go to her house now and i know she'll be ready/
And we'll have as much fun as people throwing confetti.//

I'm finally in the car and on my way to her house./
I can almost even imagine what she picked out as her blouse./
Just as i read a text from her that made me want to shout./
"I'm dearly sorry carly, my mom won't let me go out"//

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