Let There be Light!

September 30, 2010
By Adam Butrico BRONZE, So. Plainfield, New Jersey
Adam Butrico BRONZE, So. Plainfield, New Jersey
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Let There be Light!
(Based on Casey at the Bat)
As lamplighters illuminate the streets of Baltimore
Flickering flames dance furiouslyat each corner store
Inside a house a man labors, determined to achieve
what others say can't be done, he continues to believe

The young inventor Richard Stone was quite a brilliant man. But fate had left him penniless with one bad poker hand. this next invention had to work, there was't room for doubt. His funds were growing limited, his time was running out.

The culmination of his work stood ready for a test
It seemed a constant fight to keep his heart inside his chest
He flipped the switch, dropped to his knees, and prayed with all his might
His prayers were answered when the room was filled with light.

While all outdoors was cloaked in black, inside was bright as day
Stone saw his fortune in the light, with nothing in his way.
Just one last trip to Washington, just one more valiant try
This time he'll get his number, this time they won't say "DENY."

Quickly he extinguishes the light that he created
gathering his sketches, he feels nervous and elated.
He glances at the oil lamp and cannot keep from beaming
Imagining his light bulb in the same lamp a-gleaming.

Rushing to the railway station, his heart on fire again
He's shaking like an earthquake with a magnitude of ten
Stomach spinning, sweat pouring out, breathing he cannot tame
By nine a.m. he can barely stand when they call his name

"Come foward Mr. Stone, display what you've brought us today"
Proudly he shows them, knowing his patent is on the way.
"You've shown us a light bulb, its possibilities are great,
But so did Thomas Edison when he was here at eight."

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