It's a Girl...or is it? after the style of "Casey at the Bat"

September 30, 2010
By Monica Spooner BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Monica Spooner BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Veronica nervously took a pregnancy test./
Three long minutes later, she went back to check and said, "YES!"/
She saw two clear bright pink lines and was almost brought to tears,/
Her and her husband were trying to get pregnant for years!/

She called Steven at work and said, "I have news for you!"/
"What is it?" he said, "Are you pregnant? Is it really true?"/
"Yes! Yes!" she exclaimed, "I have already called the doctor!"/
"Make sure you call your mother, this news will really shock her!"/

Two weeks later they sat in the examination room./
"I will give you a quick ultrasound now," said Dr. Bloom./
He applied the gel to her belly, and used the machine./
"It looks like you are having a girl from what I have seen!"/

Veronica always wanted a little baby girl./
She was so happy that she could dance all around and twirl!/
"I am so excited, Steve, to do girly things with her!"/
"Oh Veronica," said Steve, "I know you are, I am sure!"/

Veronica called all her close friends and her family./
She told them all that she was having a brand new baby!/
Her big sister Olivia planned the baby shower./
Everyone bought pink girly clothes, all with hearts and flowers./

Steven painted their daughter's nursery yellow and pink./
They bought a crib, a changing table, more than you could think!/
Veronica said, "I have found a name for the baby."/
"What do you think? How about Ariana, maybe?"/

It was a quarter after one on a cold Sunday night./
Veronica was in pain, Steve asked if she was alright./
Her water broke and she said, "I think we should go!"/
So they called her mom, sister, and great aunt Margot!/

They all drove to the hospital as quickly as can be,/
For Veronica was about to deliver her baby!/
She pushed and pushed, and said, "My baby girl is here, oh joy!"/
But then Dr. Bloom said, "Meet your new little baby boy!"/

The author's comments:
In english class we had to write a narrative poem. I got the idea for my poem because my sister recently had a baby.

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