What He Says

September 30, 2010
By Anonymous

After the style of "Casey at the Bat"

The afternoon of the summer is fun and relaxing;/
Staying at home, laying my back down with the AC blowing;/
Sitting behind the laptop, staring at the monitor;/
Talking to a new friend, a boy who doesn't really matter./

He is a classmate from driving school, a nice guy, perhaps;/
We are now talking online about our interesting twisted lives;/
Talking of personal realtions, he has lots to say;/
I force him to tell me whom he likes but he won't obey./

I cannot have people not telling me juicy gossips;/
I continuously ask him "Who! Who! Who!" Im curious;/
He asks me why do I care to know and I don't know why;/
Then he says the person was me! My heart rate went high!/

Can it be true? Can it be true? I must be day dreaming!/
My body is shaking and my exicted heart is beating;/
I guess he matters to me and I wished earlier I'd knew;/
I ask shlyly "Is it true" and he says it depends on you./

My heart is bumping with joyment and my blood is racing;/
Skirts or shorts tomorrow? I don't know what to be wearing!/
I am thinking about going on a fantasic date;/
I told him happily I want to go out and he says to wait./

I start doubting what he said before was a big fat joke;/
But Iwished that it was ture and chilled with a sip of coke;/
I should start believing and say yes before he regrets;/
I should be confident in myself and in what he says./

I start flirting but he says "We are not together, right?"/
I sat still, I blank out and nothing was in my blurry sight;/
Everything was over before my eyes and there he says:/
Are you OK? I'm sorry i made you believe about all these."

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