Oops Wrong Month after the style of "Casey at the Bat"

September 30, 2010
By maggie quintanilla BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
maggie quintanilla BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Ring,ring,ring is the sound I heard while lying in my bed./
Trying to hide the sound by putting
a pillow over my head./
Getting out of bed was hard just
like every Friday./
Clawing for my clock eagerly trying
to push it away./

To make matters worse I tripped on a shirt and hit my head./
Going into the bathrooom to brush my teeth in which I sped./
I tossed on a blue shirt and my favorite pair of jeans./
I brushed my hair while chewing on Boston Baked Beans./

I sat on my bed one last time and checked the daily news./
There were stories about horror at the local drive-thrus./
The weather report looked good on this sunny day./
I changed the channel and heard my one favorite tune./

It was seven thirty and school started at a quarter past eight./
My house was so freezing that I wished I could sleep late./
I opened my closet doors picking a pair of shoes./
I picked a blue pair that had imaged of heart tatoos./

It was almost time to leave but I wasn't ready yet./
I straigtened my hair and pulled a piece up with a barette./
I grabbed a necklace in order to make my outfit complete./
My parents told me to make my bed with brand new pink sheets./

At seven fifty it was time to go downstairs and eat./
I grabbed a bowl of cereal and pulled out a seat./
Before i left and went on my way I grabbed an apple./
I was excited for lunch because I bought a Snapple./

I grabbed my coat and backpack for this morning was quite brisk./
I was running late to the bus stop for this was quite a risk./
I then realized a problem we had no school today./
I skipped right over Memorial Day,it was still May.

The author's comments:
This poem was written in English class when I was assinged to write a narrative poem.

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