In Loving Memory

September 30, 2010
By Veronika Jastrzebski BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Veronika Jastrzebski BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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After the style of "Casey at the Bat"

After about two weeks of non-stop
rain in Sayerhigh,
the clouds finally cleared up, and
the sun shone high in the sky.
Little Tommmy squealed with joy-his
mom was coming home today.
She was leaving the hospital, where
she had stayed day by day.

Little Tommy's mom you see, had a
very dire disease;
her cancer would taunt her health,
it's make poor Little Tommy
He would please for his mommy to
get better very soon,
but yet there she still lay, for
about a year now, since mid-June.

But alas came the day where she
was well enough to leave;
the long journey she went through-
no one could quite believe.
She fought through her worst days,
which believe me, were pretty
but here came Little Tommy to pick
her up, with him, his dad.

They took Mommy home, where they
threw her a surprise party,
and know this, the welcome she got
from her guests was quite hearty.
She smiled at her loyal friends,
and squeezed her whole family.
She walked around and greeted
everyone oh so busily.

That night after everyone had gone,
she tucked Tommy in bed.
She read him his favorite story,
then kissed him on the head.
And then she said to him, with
words oh so fragile and calm:
"I love you so much, I'll let no
one do you any harm."

Then Mommy left, finally off to a
better night's sleep;
she was so tired, she crawled in
bed with not even a peep.
The next morning, however, Tommy
couldn't get her up.
He even made breakfast, with coffee
in her favorite cup.

She lay there motionless, not even
taking a single breath,
Tommy knew what was wrong with her:
the cold, mourning acts of death.
He sniffled and kissed her, then
lay under her stiff, cold arm;
he said to his mommy, "I'll let no
one do you any harm."

The author's comments:
I had to write a poem for English class, and I got the idea of cancer from my mom's friend, who fought a long, hard battle of it.

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