Ski At Your Own Risk

September 30, 2010
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The snow lying outside made it a
great day for skiing,
Ben stood on a hill, the biggest
he thought he'd ever be seeing.
He was determind to get down
without even a fall,
And this would be by far the
the greatest acomplishment of all.

Though the hill was small, to Ben
it seemed never ending,
At last down the hill he sped,
gradually descending.
Suddenly the transparent ice became
So it then made it difficult for
Ben to ski in this wintry.

The grueling wind stroke him with
such an unexpected force,
It left poor Ben puzzled which he
then wandered off course,
His eyewear gear blown off his face
is nowhere to be found,
Affecting Ben's eyesight and making
his head for the mound.

"This truly was then end of it"
thought Ben as he moped,
He couldn't see nor could he ski as
he really had hoped.
The mound was now just a couple of
yards away from him,
But then he got the brightest plan
when glancing at the shim.

His plan was to avoid the mound
simply by crouching down,
As he went under the tree,he got
stuck by something brown.
The jagged stick got caught in his
new navy blue jacket,
It tore it open even down to the
lower pocket.

Right when Ben freed himself, the
stick broke in half and off he
Violently his feet stumbled upon
the snow and his poles then bent.
Since his plan didn't work, Ben
ended up skiing off the mound,
Unfortunatly he didn't land but
fell right to the ground.

He bruised his knees as he skidded
down the slippery ice,
And all he thought was that next
time he would think twice.
There wasn't a positive ending for
Ben this day,
But hopefully the next skiing trip
will be blissful and gay.

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