All Souls Eve (After the style of "Casey at the Bat")

September 30, 2010
By kfaust1795 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
kfaust1795 BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Then, throw it in the face of the person who gave you the lemons and demand the oranges that you orgininally asked for."

Walking home like every other day is all well and fine./
That's when I hear that despereate call from Hannah Smithline./
She is pretty and peitite. She's oh so very shy./
She's done being picked on, and She's done with the fight, so don't try./

She prays for it to stop, but God doesn't seem to listen./
I see as she thinks of it her eyes begin to glisten./
The wheels are turning in her mind. She ia forming a plan./
Poor little Hannah Smithline is becoming a madman./

As for me I'm Gabrielle and I'm the odd person out./
I'm psychic because reading minds is what I'm about./
That's why I keep my head down like she urges./
Although I don't listen to the harsh whispers of witches./

Reading minds comes with the territory, but its not fun./
Its be quite scary when you hear someone wants to pull a gun./
It was November first; I like to call it All Souls Eve./
Thousands of guiltless souls will be lost with one little squeeze./

There's a chill in the air as I walk down this empty street./
Tomorrow is the sad day we will all meet ends meet./
What can I do? How can I stop it? There is danger afoot./
There's so much for me to think of and with homeowrk to boot./

Tomorrow, tomorrow is the gloomy day we'll all die./
Hannah is angry and I know she wants us all to cry./
How can I stop her? My life is ruined! What can I do?/
There ill be no sleep tonight because my world is too blue./

The alarm clock blares in my ear for it is time for school./
hannah will be there, and the day will be long and so cruel./
So many will be lost in her red hot flare of anger./
It should be expected for their cruelty was a cancer./

I ought to tell them of her plan. They all have to be warned./
For if they are not informed bow, they surely will be mourned./
All my friends are there. I can see Caroline and Amy./
If I don't warn them fast, I'll scream like a crazy banshee./

Little Hannah Smithline is there quite as she can be./
She looks just fine and her thoughs seem to be very carefree./
Then someone says soemthing and I fear the worst will come yet./
Hannah Smithline glared and she looks upset./

She reaches for her pocket. My breath catches in my throat./
I want to scream loudly, but my voice will not make the note./
The sconds pass like hours. For in that moment there is only dread./
Icannot explain the harsh words that wanted to be said./

Her hand comes out and I don't even hesitate to freeze./
My breath leaves me quickly as the wind blows a soft, cool breeze./
There is nothing that can explain the feeling that tore me up./
I am relieved and I wasnt to run, jump, and gallop./

No one is going to die on this too cold autumn day./
In fact everyone should be vastly happy and go play./
There's really only one thing wrong with the way things turned out./
I didn't do my homeowrk, and I'm completly worn out./

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